Our Company

American Building Concept Inc., had our own design division from 1982 through 1995. We had three draftsmen on site and operated a full service blueprint business. At this time we were designing both residential and commercial projects. Although we felt confident in the design business, we chose to focus on the development and construction instead.

In 1988 the company purchased commercial property in Valley Springs. We designed, developed and constructed our first commercial strip mall, La Contenta Plaza. We quickly filled it with Medical, Dental and Professional tenants. In 1990 we decided to purchase ten acres in Valley Springs. This was a huge step up from our previous strip mall development and brought a lot of excitement to the small town of Valley Springs. Valley Oaks Center is approximately 140,000 Sq Ft. and is the home to the town's first large grocery and drug store. We also built out three out pads on the property, housing a bank, Burger King and Taco Bell.

In 1990 American Building Concept Inc. incorporated a restaurant division to our retail division. Over the past 22 years ABC has both developed and built several retail centers and restaurants. ABC has built restaurants for both Corporations and Franchisees.

American Building Concept Inc., has operated as a General Contactor, California Contractor License #418140, continually since 1981.